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Financial Advisor in the Banking Channel

Bill Raney, MS, CFP, BFA, is a principal financial advisor for GNB Investments, a division of GNB Bank. GNB is a community-focused bank in central and eastern Iowa. GNB Investments offers access to financial and retirement planning, professional asset management, life and long-term-care insurance, annuities, cash management, and other related services.

Client Centered

The banking channel offers unique benefits for a financial advisor, including the following:

  • The ability to conduct an independent practice within the umbrella of a larger banking organization. He currently works with clients from eight different branches of GNB Bank, allowing him to access a broad network of potential clients from all walks of life.

  • A team-oriented approach that offers a two-way street with other departments and individuals within the bank. It isn’t just a transactional relationship between departments as we are looking to help clients fulfill their needs in many different areas. 
  • Access to the larger resources of GNB Bank on a referral basis. A good portion of our local community is involved in agribusiness, as well as smaller, locally owned businesses. The bank has dedicated resources and a strong understanding of the needs of those segments. We also have a robust capability in the trust area and services such as lending, cash management, and employee retirement plans. These types of resources further reinforce the aspect of working as a part of a greater team effort on behalf of clients.